Being the third quarter of the year, which historically is a good time for families to be buying their vacation homes in Hawaii, I am seeing the number of buyers down a bit - though the dollar amount of the houses/condos they are buying is increasing.  The $450,000 and below price range is moving with bargain buyers being the purchasers in this price range. 

Bargain buyers are looking for deals, distress situations, and just plain motivated sellers.  They make offers that 2 years ago would have been scoffed at.  AND they are getting the prices they are looking for.  Moral of that story - make the offer - you never know what motivates a Seller.

The other price range moving is above $800,000.  These are the families and retirees getting their piece of paradise while the gettin' is good!  Prices are the  best we have seen since 1999....for the inventory that is selling.  These properties are generally near the ocean, in a resort community, or have an ocean view.

As always, there are still properties priced above the market rate....and they just sit.  Showings and previews of these properties are few and far between. 

Paradise is still here waiting for you.  Are you considering it???  Come to the Big Island and check it out!