After returning from two weeks in Switzerland and Northern Italy, I once again am reminded how blessed we are to live in the US.  After witnessing the prices, and more importantly, the availability of housing in these other countries, I feel blessed.  In the town of Murten Switzerland, there is a moratorium on building.  Only so many houses can be built.  If you are lucky enough to find a house for sale (supply and demand) a small home begins at the 500,000 Euro range.  At the current exchange rate, well.....that's a lot of USD's$$$$.

America was founded on the concept of a lot of people owning a small amount of land (not like the huge landowners of the British system where land = wealth and power).  We are so fortunate to have our land available to us and have the American Dream alive and well.  So on this 4th of July week, count your blessings and make sure one of them is the fact you CAN OWN land in this great Nation!