In an ever changing real estate market and as a Realtor tries to change with the times....a new designation for Realtors has blossomed.  Eco Broker is a new designation for Realtors to achieve.  The education is an extensive one for the Realtor as they study potential hazards in a buildings like lead-based paint, radon, and molds.  It goes a little further on to include "green building" which concentrates on building with renewable resources, less carbon usage, and using less chemicals in the building materials.

And finally, energy producers/savers such as solar power and wind generation.  On the Big Island of Hawaii we are fortunate to have some new technologies on the horizon with the use of wave energy and geothermal energy.  Both are difficult to harness but with the bright minds working on the projects, our futures will likely include these additional power sources.

I am currently working on the Eco Broker classes so watch for that honor behind my name.  Think Green!