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Kona Hawaii Living

by Tanya Power

Locals say ” Lucky I Live Hawaii.” I am lucky I live Kona. Kona draws people that say ‘hello” and wave to each other. A vision of small-town living (Beaver Clever style) comes to mind. Kona! This is not Big City living. It’s Home Town living. A place you feel comfortable and secure while the rest of the world whirls around on some distant shore. Kona is still a place where:

- you recognize familiar faces as you pass them in the grocery store
- you know the name of the guy behind the counter at the post office
- you will get a call from the boutique when your favorite brand of dress comes in (and before your size is sold)
- you know your neighbors by FIRST names
- you barbecue with your friends at a moment’s notice.

That’s the PEOPLE.

But there is more. It’s about the LIFESTYLE.

- you can take an ocean swim in the morning before work sometime with a dolphin escort
- you can watch the sunset from your lanai, or
- you can watch the sunset with a mai tai in hand from your favorite ocean-front “drinkin’ hole” — usually with a plate of freshly caught sashimi
- you can hike the trail that King Kamehameha himself created to travel the island
- you can explore parrot caves
- you can jump on a bike and do the Ironman ride to Hawi and back. All 112 miles of it! (Or, for my style, jump on a bike and go to the coffee shop for a Kona Coffee cappuccino!)
- you can… you can… you can…

That’s the LIFESTYLE!

That’s why I’m lucky. You can be “Lucky you Live Hawaii” too.

Yes, you CAN!    

Kailua Kona Real Estate Update 4/17/2008

by Tanya Power

"They're Baaaack"....Buyers are returning to the marketplace.  We are seeing more activity in showings and offers on property.  National news (whether you are a media pro or con)  has been saying over the past few weeks that real property purchases are now a good buy.  And these news stories seem to have impact....and Buyers are back.

Mortgage rates are still holding at some of the lowest levels in recent decades.  Saavy Buyers are adding real property to their investment portfolios at a time when prices are attractive and there is a lot of inventory to choose from!

Interested in checking out the Kona inventory?

It's a beautiful day in Paradise - 81 degrees today!

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