Remember (or not) when Disneyland first opened and they had the "house of the future"?  It had high tech gadgets including hands free phones, whole wall televisions, voice operated coffee pots and the highest tech of all.....the electric razor.  The House of the Future withstood a decade of "ohs and ahs" and "that'll never happens" and finally the exhibit closed in 1967.  We must have had electric razors by 1967.

Disneyland Resort has announced it is reopening it's new House of the called Innoventions Dream Home.  It is a 5,000 square foot home that includes Disney business partners from "Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, software developer Life Ware and home builder Taylor Morrison.  The home will include some elctronic products and technologies that are available today, such as mobile phones, PCs and digital music and games as well as more futuristic gadgets."1

The home is purported to be about the digital lifestyle and how it can help you. 

I, for one, am looking forward to seeing the gadgets......I wonder how "Green" this house is.  Is it sustainable with all of those electronics?  I have "Green" on the brain.....

Disneyland is for fun!  Enjoy!